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Connex Max

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The Connex Max Video Link system supports up to 1080p60 video resolution, zero-latency performance, and has a line-of-site range of up to 3300 ft.

The Connex is a high-end wireless video system ideal for heavy-duty UAV, UGV, and Industrial or Construction equipment requiring remote HDMI video vision. 

Key Features: 

  • Zero-latency (HDMI into HDMI out: 1 mS)

  • Up to 3300 ft. Line of Sight

  • 5GHz band (5.1 to 5.8), using 20/40MHz channel 

  • Up to 1080p60 video resolution

  • Up to 4 receivers can be paired and work together with a single transmitter

  • AES 128 encryption, using RSA 1024 for key exchange

  • Video Interface: mini HDMI (Type C) input & HDMI (Type A) output

  • OSD (input to transmitter) : CANbus / Mavlink 

  • Gimbal control (input to receiver, output from transmitter): S.BUS

The Connex Max package includes a transmitter and receiver units. Each unit can also be purchased as a standalone to build the user application.

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