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Connex Tele

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The Connex Tele is a P2P low latency video streaming solution for implementing tele-operation workflow

The Connex Tele utilize the ART protocol which specialized in streaming a robust & low latency video  over any IP network.

The Connex Tele also support a unique bonding mechanism to increase the robustness and redundancy over the different channels. 

In addition to the video from the remote location to the operation station, the Connex Tele support a bi-directional control channels for sending control signals and telemetry between the two 2 endpoints.


Key Features: 

  • ART protocol

  • < 100 ms video latency

  • Up to 4K

  • SDI & HDMI input & output.

  • Bi-directional control

  • Peer to Peer  / Fixed IP / Cloud network modes.

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