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Connex Tower

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Unleash Precision and Safety: Connex Tower Redefines Crane Visual Control

Easily mounted on your crane trolley and directed at both load and ground, Connex Tower beams real-time video directly to your cabin with zero latency. Ditch blind spots and experience better awareness, putting every lift detail at your fingertips.

Safety and efficiency soar with Connex Tower:

  • Enhanced situational awareness: Make informed decisions and minimize risk with crystal-clear visuals, instantly responding to any changes.

  • Effortless precision: Zoom in for pinpoint accuracy with the intuitive foot pedal, ensuring perfect load placement every time.

  • Boosted productivity: Optimize workflows and minimize downtime with seamless communication and clear visibility.

Connex Tower empowers you with cutting-edge technology:

  • FHD camera with x30 optical zoom.

  • Amimon's patented Zero-latency and robust wireless: Experience uncompromised picture quality and reliable transmission, even in challenging environments.

  • Glare-free 12" monitor: Witness every detail in stunning clarity, regardless of surrounding light conditions.

  • Real-time foot pedal control: Zoom in, adjust picture settings, and stay in complete control with a simple tap.

Elevate your crane operation to new heights with Connex Tower. Embrace a safer, more efficient future, one perfect lift at a time

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