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Mobile Endoscope

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The Falco EN10 system is a  wireless endoscope system. The system delivering 1080P60 high quality video with less than 1 ms latency. The EN10 eliminates the cables limitation and complexity and allow a more convenient and effective operation comparing to a standard endoscope.  

The system includes a small ,light ,battery operated camera unit with an internal wireless video transmitter. The camera unit has a C-mount interface to connect an endoscope coupler and a barrel connector to connect an external light source.
The ES10 camera unit initiating WB and change the camera mode.

It also has controls to define the current of the LED driver for adjusting the light source intensity. 

The wireless receiver has a standard HDMI connector to be connected to any monitor and two 3.5mm connectors to control the recorder from the camera unit.


  • Video resolution: 1080x1920 60fps

  • Latency: < 1mS

  • Camera Model: Omron STC-HD213DV 

  • Camera Control: WB & picture modes

  • LP-E6 battery slot (90 minutes operating time)

  • Light source output: 4 intensity levels

  • Recorder integration: Photo & Video controllers

  • Video Output: HDMI

  • MIMO configuration: 2x5

  • RF Spectrum: 5.1-5.9GHz

  • Antennas: Internal

  • Encryption: AES-256 (RSA-1024 for key exchange)

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