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Falco CMU is an intuitive wireless video matrix for the OR environment that wirelessly connects to all Falco transmitters and receivers within the OR.
The CMU is designed to be installed in every OR, to control and configure all the Falco devices in the OR, and to route the video from any source to any display.  
With the CMU installed, all Falco devices can be installed in concealed locations, behind the monitor, inside the ceiling, or inside a cabinet, without the need to access the units to configure the video links.
The CMU enables complete flexibility by supporting fast addition and removal of portable medical devices to the video matrix, and by allowing fast configuration of the video matrix inside the OR.
The CMU combined with the Falco devices, can be installed in any OR without the need for major investments in the OR infrastructure.
The CMU also supports APIs to allow integration into wired video management systems and the capability of video sharing between wired and wireless devices.


  • Create an instant video matrix of up to 8 Falco devices inside the OR.

  • Fast addition and removal of video sources and monitors to the video matrix inside the OR.

  • Intuitive and simple GUI, including a simple Drag & and Drop gesture to set video connectivity.

  • Detailed status information for technician installation.

  • BLE secured connectivity.

  • API for control through WI-FI

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