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MD11 Troubleshooting

Q:       I Can’t power up the MD11 module



a.       Verify the power adaptor is connected and the power switch is in ‘On’ position.

b.       Power cycle the unit, by switching the power button to ‘Off’ and then back to ‘On’ position.


Q:       The MD11 shows a “NOT PAIRED” message on the OSD.


A:        Pair between the Transmitter and Receiver units.



Q:       The MD11 unit shows a “NO LINK” message.



a.       Verify that the “paired” MD11 unit is turned on.

b.       Power ‘Off’ and then back to‘On’ both the transmitter and the receiver units and keep at least 1 meter distance                          between the MD11 Transmitter and the MD11 Receiver.

c.       Re-pair the units.


Q:       The MD11 unit shows a “SEARCH FOR FREQ” message.



That means that no unoccupied frequency was found.

a.       Wait 180 seconds and power ‘Off’ and ‘On’ the MD11 transmitter.

b.      Power ‘Off’ other wireless systems (e.g WIFI , or other Falco devices operating in the vicinity) to clear frequencies.



Q:        I can’t see any video signal on the monitor.



a.       Check that the Transmitter’s OLED shows “SENDING VIDEO” message, if not,  ensure that:

1.       The video source resolution is supported by the MD11.

2.       The HDMI cable which is connected to the transmitter supports 4K video resolution.

3.   Connect the video source directly to the monitor with a cable and verify  the resolution of the video shows on the monitor

b.       Verify that the Receiver’s OLED shows that it is connected to the desired Transmitter.

c.       Verify that the Receiver’s OLED shows a “Connected to <TX name>” message.

d.       Confirm that the HDMI cable that is connected to the Receiver supports 4K video resolution.

e.       Verify that the monitor supports the video source resolution.


Q:       The video is displayed with artifacts.



a.       Verify the Transmitter and Receiver are positioned in the same room, with a distance of less than 30m.

b.       Confirm that there are no obstacles (walls, metal plate, etc.) between the two units.

C.      Check that the two units located at least 1 meter from each other

D.      Verify that there is no other wireless unit located very close to MD11 receiver

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