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  • Can MD62 pair with MD11?

    • Yes


  • Can I down-convert from 4K to HD to display video on an HD Monitor?

    • This conversion will be available in the future


  • What happen if I have 4K video source connected to two monitors, 4K monitor and FHD monitor?

    • The video will be downscaled to FHD for both monitors


  • Can I use any SDI or HDMI cable with my MD62 units?            

    • No. You should make sure that your SDI or HDMI cable is capable of handling 6G or 12G video. If using HDMI cables, it is recommended that you use an HDMI 2.0 compatible cable, and regularly check if your cables are still functional. HDMI cables are extremely delicate and repeated bending can damage the internal wiring to the point where it will no longer send a signal (especially a 4K signal).


  • How many receivers can I link to one MD62 transmitter?

    • You can link up to four MD62 receivers to any single MD62 transmitter.


  • What are the A/C power requirements for MD62?

    • MD62 devices require high power. When powering MD62 from an A/C outlet, use only the included A/C adapter. This A/C adapter has a higher voltage capacity that meets Falco MD62’s power requirements. Lower-rated A/C adapters are not supported, and using one will affect MD62’s performance and capabilities. 


  • Supported A/C adapters:

    • 9V 2.0A (18W)

    • 12V 1.5A (18W)

    • 12V 3.0A (included with Bolt 4K)

    • 12V 2.5A (30W)

    • 24V 2.5A (60W)

  • Not supported:

    • 12V 1.25A (15W)

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