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Falco MD11

Want to learn more about this product?

Falco MD11 is a wireless 4K video link system that streamlines clinical workflow by quickly connecting video without the need for cables. 

The product is based on Amimon’s 3rd generation chipsets to wirelessly deliver 4K 30 fps video with less than 1ms latency. The ultra-low latency and link robustness of the wireless link system enables use in medical visualization.

The MD11 wireless links can be supplied without the enclosure for system integration.
Key Features:

  • Video resolution: Up to 3840x2160 30 fps

  • Latency: < 1mS

  • Supported RF bandwidth: 40MHz or 20MHz

  • MIMO configurations: 2x5

  • AFS (Automatic Frequency Selection): Ensures best channel selection

  • DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection): Operates on the entire unlicensed 5GHz spectrum (5.1-5.9GHz)

  • Antennas: Internal

  • Encryption: AES-256 (RSA-1024 for key exchange)

  • Number of Supported Receivers: 4

  • Regulations Support: FCC, CE, MIC, Canada, Korea

  • Medical Regulation: MDR and FDA

The MD11 is compatible with the VESA mounting kits AMN_VESA_KIT01 and AMN_VESA_KIT02

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