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Falco SL11

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The Falco SL11 wireless in-light camera solution delivers 4K 30fps video with less than 1ms latency. 

The system is designed to create the most robust and highest quality wireless link for the operating room environment. It reduces installation time while increasing image quality, dependability and flexibility.
Falco is suitable for OEM partners who wish to integrate a wireless 4K video camera into new and existing surgical lights. 

Key Features:

  • Video resolution: 4K 3840x2160 30fps

  • Latency: < 1mS

  • Camera: Sony FCB-8530

  • Zoom: 20x Optical, 12x Digital

  • 360 degrees Video Rotation

  • Camera Control: VISCA from the receiver

  • Supported RF bandwidth: 40MHz or 20MHz

  • MIMO configuration: 2x5

  • AFS (Automatic Frequency Selection): Ensures best channel selection

  • DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection): Operates on the entire unlicensed 5GHz spectrum (5.1-5.9GHz)

  • Antennas: Transmitter- internal antennas, Receiver- external

  • Encryption: AES-256 (RSA-1024 for key exchange)

  • Connect to up to 4 receivers.

  • Regulations Support: FCC, CE, MIC, Canada, Korea

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