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Zero Latency Wireless Video Solutions

For wireless video applications in the medical, construction, and industrial markets



ART Direct

ART Direct is Amimon's award-winning technology, for streaming secure robust, wireless video with zero latency (< 1 ms). The 3rd generation of this technology delivers up to 4K video and it is deployed in many markets and applications including cine, medical, industrial and construction. The technology enables multi-streaming to several receivers while keeping the latency constant and extremely low. The ART Direct technology is utilized in our Connex and Falco product lines.

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Bi-Directional control 

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Sub 1mS


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4K Resolution


128AES Encrypted

Adaptive Reliable Transport

ART is a resilient, ultra-low latency streaming protocol for mission-critical video transport over public networks.

ART delivers secure, ultra low latency (ULL), broadcast-quality audio and video over the public Internet. ART utilizes joint source channel coding (JSCC) to evaluate video content and network characteristics simultaneously, optimizing for both in one step. The result is a highly resilient, adaptive video stream that ensures the quality and integrity of your content over the most challenging network conditions.

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Robust under harsh conditions

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50mS Latency over the Cloud

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4K Resolution


Cellular bonding support

Full Systems


The Falco product line offers solutions for Medical applications. Falco brings a new standard of wireless video connectivity, enabling a revolution in the way video is handled in Medical applications. The Falco products open new opportunities and capabilities in medical workflows.

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The Connex product line offers solutions for applications in industrial, construction, UAV (agriculture, security, etc.) and other segments. The Connex solutions utilize the various technologies of ART, ART-Direct, VoIP and Cloud to deliver a complete end-to-end solution.

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Embed our RF modules into your OEM product to add the functionality to wirelessly transmit up to 4K-60 fps live video with zero latency to a number of destination devices. The physical size of the modules is small and can be easily integrated into any product. In addition to its superior video quality, the modules also offer audio and control interfaces.

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Together with the RF modules, the Application boards provide a complete system solution. This enables a variety of interfaces (HDMI, SDI, USB, etc.) as well as easier and faster integration into an OEM product. We specialize in delivering off-the-shelf and customized Application boards to meet the market and customers’ needs.

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