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Industrial Solutions

The Connex Wireless links product series stream a very low latency wireless video for various P2P applications. The Connex products are proven to be very robust and can be integrated into any solution requiring a cable free solution. They can be multicast to a wide range of nodes with no cut-offs, delivering clear images, sharp contours and true and natural colors.

The underlying technology ensures near zero-latency performance, enabling various remote control applications, including UAV crowd control, UAV inspection, UGV control, or any other real-time visually guided unmanned remote machinery control.

Firefighting and law enforcement is made safer with the use of Unmanned Aerial & Ground Vehicles (UAV, UGV). Drones equipped with Connex high-performance wireless HD broadcasting connections are mitigating associated risks by providing increased scouting and preparation for firefighters and law enforcement personnel. The wireless video can be received simultaneously at zero-latency by multiple receiver units. 

Connex products include easily deployable offerings and OEM modules for design and integration into other solutions. The Connex product line includes both HDMI and SDI links.

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