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The EM11 modules deliver 4K-30fps video, audio, and enhanced data channels through a board to board connector with an HDMI interface.

Based on Amimon’s 3rd generation chipsets, the EM11 is suitable for OEM/ODM partners who wish to integrate and add wireless video modules into their medical devices workflow.

The EM11 supports a MIMO of 2x5 and 20Mhz or 40Mhz bandwidth selection to create a small factor wireless link for indoor and outdoor applications. The design is suitable for various medical applications ranging from Endoscopy camera control units, surgical monitors, fluoroscopy monitors, OR medical equipment, operating light cameras, wearable headlight cameras, and hand-held wireless camera systems.  

Key Features:

  • Video resolution: Up to 4K-30fps

  •  Latency: < 1mS

  • Supported RF bandwidth: 40MHz or 20MHz

  • MIMO configurations: 2x5

  • AFS (Automatic Frequency Selection): Ensures best channel selection

  • DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection): Operates on the entire unlicensed 5GHz spectrum (5.1-5.9GHz)

  • Antennas: Internal

  • Encryption: AES-256 (RSA-1024 for key exchange)

  • Number of Supported Receivers: 4

  • Regulations Support: FCC, CE, MIC, Canada, Korea

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